Prefinished Programs

Plants for Planters

  • Product: Plants for Planters’, is a collection of premium annuals and choice vegetables. The annuals are proven to be useful in combination planters and landscape plantings. We use our best horticulture judgment to grow the best, brightest, and most interesting in the annual category.
  • What you get: The annuals are grown in 4.5” round, terra cotta pots. We plant enough cuttings, plants, or bulbs to make full pots when finished. The vegetables are grown in 4” square terra cotta pots.
  • Timing: The prefinished plants are scheduled to finish in April and May for prime sales, 4 to 5 weeks after delivery. This is not an exact science, so no claims are made as to size or degree of flowering. We finish warm (62 to 64 degree nights). Growing below 60 degree nights will delay the crops. All Caladiums will have 6 weeks of growing time- the foliage will just be emerging at the time of delivery.
  • Packing: The annuals are pre-spaced in a flat that holds eight pots upright. The vegetables are in a flat that holds eighteen pots upright.
  • Labeling: Each pot will have a tag with the plant name and short description. Pots meet labeling requirements of volume and producer name.

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Other Programs

Trail Liners

Our Prefinished Liner Program features 20 Coleus Varieties, Brugmansia Variegated, Citronella, and more! The collections are shipped in boxes 150 assorted liners that come in strips of 25. Coleus Liners can be ordered as an assortment or by variety. Give these fun tropical plants a try!

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Prefinished Regal Geranium Program:

Our Prefinished Regal Geranium Program features over 20 unique varieties with 24 plants per tray.

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