About Us

Trail Nurseries is a wholesale source for annuals, container gardens, vegetables and herbs, hanging baskets, perennials and more. In 2006, family owners Mark and Karen Miller and Scott and Kathy Miller purchased Trail Nurseries in York County, Pennsylvania. Trail Nurseries serves independent garden centers in the Mid- Atlantic region with efficient, high quality, sought-after plants.

In recent years, Trail Nurseries has grown from one-acre of greenhouses to a 4-acre production operation. Trail Nurseries is committed to producing quality products with excellent customer service.

Why Choose Us?

"Great people. Great products. Great values.
If you are a retail customer know that when you buy a product from this fine place it will last and amaze!"

- Bryan Deel

"Excellent quality. Great staff and owners who are passionate about their business, quality and customer service."
- Kathy Eckl Tenaglia

"Excellent people. Excellent products. The absolute finest of all!"
- Heather Billet

Quick Facts!

We use captured run off water from the greenhouses to help water plants!

Trail produces over one million finished seed annuals and vegetables throughout the year

Year Round:
Trail propagates and grows over a half million various vegetative annuals thought the year.

Our prefinished products save your business time and heating costs.




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4912 Harmony Grove Road, Dover, PA 17315

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